One Lovely Blog Award

My first blog award! Very special thanks to Wreaditor for the nomination!

one loevely blog award

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
Post about the award.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 people.
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7 Facts About Me:

  1. I have yet to meet someone with a sweet tooth stronger, or more brash, than mine.
  2. Although I started this blog so as to become a new vocation for myself (quite hopefully, years and years from now, of course), I have actually found the business of writing and communicating with other writers to be quite therapeutic, in and of itself.
  3. In real life, I am a dogged pragmatist. With a hedonist bent, occasionally…
  4. I love makeup (I see it as an art form), though I don’t always wear it.
  5. I have beheld the Dalai Lama in person. His presence is as warm and comforting as it is purported to be.
  6. Although I realize it’s trendy right now, I am absolutely fascinated by hygge. I feel as though I have been practicing a few of its precepts for most of my life, yet there is so much more to be learned and adapted to my existence!
  7. I am blessed with such a wonderful little family. They are my reason for being. Period.

There are multiple blogs that I look up to and wish to emulate with my own, as well as those which I find absolutely captivating in their own right! Here are my nominees:

Honestly, it was so hard to narrow it to 15. There are so many blogs that I love and follow. Nominees, please do not feel obligated, this is just an homage to your efforts.

Thanks again, Wreaditor!

Stay cozy!

The Beginning…

Life has its ups and downs, its side to sides, and its round about way of getting us there. However, where “there” is doesn’t really appear to be the point. This collection of experiences that we gather along the way color our varied perspectives on life. It is these experiences that shape the way we see our world and each other. Experiences, in the form of relationships, events, food, the things we find beautiful, and the activities we find fulfilling, are all shaping us, just as we are shaping our world and each other.

This blog will attempt to delve into the cozier side of life; as in beautiful things, delicious food, and fulfilling experiences. It will also investigate a sager side of life; as in making a clumsy try at wisdom, though I hope to explore the spice as well!

Join me, if you like, in one interpretation of life, love, and happiness.

(please pardon my dust, as I get underway…)