The Beginning…

Life has its ups and downs, its side to sides, and its round about way of getting us there. However, where “there” is doesn’t really appear to be the point. This collection of experiences that we gather along the way color our varied perspectives on life. It is these experiences that shape the way we see our world and each other. Experiences, in the form of relationships, events, food, the things we find beautiful, and the activities we find fulfilling, are all shaping us, just as we are shaping our world and each other.

This blog will attempt to delve into the cozier side of life; as in beautiful things, delicious food, and fulfilling experiences. It will also investigate a sager side of life; as in making a clumsy try at wisdom, though I hope to explore the spice as well!

Join me, if you like, in one interpretation of life, love, and happiness.

(please pardon my dust, as I get underway…)





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