My Favorite Bath Oils

I evaded oils for the skin for a long time. As a teenager, blessed with greasy skin and zero wrinkles, anything vaguely hydrophobic seemed like a really bad idea. I avoided them like the plague, in fact, until I was a decade older and starting to experience parched, crepey skin (and a few bouts of mild eczema, no less).

For a long time I have utilized body lotion for skin moisture after a shower (unless the temperatures are quite warm). Sometimes though, especially as the fall and winter seasons approach, a warm bath can be especially comforting. I tend to find that as the weather turns frigid and my baths get progressively more searing (probably not healthy, but I have a huge distaste for lukewarm soaks, mine must, MUST be hot) , my skin requires a bit more lubrication than what can be had with body lotion alone.

I discovered Neutrogena Body Oil almost a decade ago during a particularly desperate bout of dry skin. This is a fairly light oil that features sesame oil and a light fragrance (a fragrance-free version is also available). While the instructions for use say that you may use it as a body oil after a soak or a shower, I prefer to add a few drops to my bath water. When I do this, and the weather is not yet too dreadfully cold (though I do love the snow), I can skip body lotion if I happen to be in a hurry; if my skin is super parched, the combo of the bath oil and body lotion work wonders! (WORD OF CAUTION: be very careful not to slip after using ANY bath or body oil. Spoken from experience. FYI.)

neutrogena body oil

Another oil that I love year round is the Almond Shower Oil by L’Occitane. This is a much more viscous oil that the Neutrogena Body Oil. It features almond oil and a lovely, inoffensive scent (it doesn’t necessarily remind me of almonds, still very pleasant though ). While this oil is enjoyable to use in the shower and does a very good job of moisturizing the skin, it really shines when used for shaving. I have never used a more pleasant or effective shave gel or oil; my legs are so smooth after using this! This L’Occitane product is a bit expensive, bit since I primarily use it for shaving it has lasted several months and is still going strong.

l'occitane oil outside

If there’s one thing (of many) that gets me excited for fall, it’s those long, hot, evening baths after a day of working and frolicking in the cool weather. These oils, along with my favorite lotion, help my perennially dehydrated skin from getting crepey, flaky, or irritated after my scorching soaks.

both bath oils

What body oils do you like? What should I try?

Thanks so much for reading, and stay cozy!

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