Cheater Iced Coffee

Hello! How are you weathering the summer? It’s been pretty warm where we are…

For a place that is not usually hot or humid, we have been both this year! Even in the morning, we don’t always get the reprieve that I expect to come overnight. Lately, the mornings have brought tepid to warm temps rather than the cooler, crisp-ish ambiance that I have become accustomed to over the years.

Am I complaining? Well, perhaps a little. A (first world, admittedly) problem for me is that I require coffee to function in the morning and I have found it increasingly difficult to sip hot coffee after a hot shower on a hot morning. I also lack the time and funds to stop at coffee shop in the morning or purchase pre-made iced coffees.

As usual, “necessity is the mother of invention”…

iced coffee 2

Please excuse my son’s chalk drawings in the background.

Cheater Iced Coffee

4-5 ounces dark hot/warm coffee (can be instant, or from a coffee pot, or from my *I know* Keurig-but it’s so fast!)

1 tablespoon honey

1/4 cup or LIBERAL dollop of half and half or preferred cream

3-4 cubes, plus a generous handful of ice

Start with your preferred coffee in your favorite glass. Add the honey and stir until completely dissolved. Incorporate the half and half into the mixture before the ice so as to begin cooling the coffee. After well mixed, add 3-4 cubes of ice to cool down the concoction to desired temperature. If you like your iced coffee ice-cold, as I do, then add another handful of ice to fill the cup.

Here’s hoping your summer (or whatever season it is in your area) is grand!

Stay cool, and stay cozy!



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