Current Fashion Accessory

I don’t like to wear a lot of extra “stuff” in terms of jewelry or accessories. I tend to prefer that things be simple and clean, unobstructed. I do wear a ring (always) and I do have a few other accessories that I tend to rotate through with the seasons. Though, because I prefer an effortless appearance, I tend to only add one accessory to my outfit per season.

I find that, though I love them dearly, scarves are far to cloying for the summer months, even the most lightweight of them. Bracelets and necklaces are nice, but don’t lend themselves to the constant running, lifting, building, playing, etcetera, that tends to come with chasing a young child around. I usually enjoy wearing a watch, though I have needed (and intended, unsuccessfully) to change out the batteries in several of my timepieces as of late.

What’s left? Earrings! Although, I can be insanely, and I do mean insanely picky about earrings. They must not be too heavy, dangly, or gaudy. Anything that might remotely get caught in my hair (when I choose to grow it longer) or become an object for my son’s tiny hands to pursue, is out. They must not be too large (see gaudy, above) or too small (i.e. hardly worth the effort).

*Please understand that this is my opinion about how I see them on myself; I can’t ever remember looking at another person and thinking any of these things about their earrings. I guess I have a natural tendency to look gaudy?*

I usually veer toward studs of some type; though I do have a few small-ish not-too-dangly earrings that I also enjoy.

For the last year I have been smitten with gold studs. I think gold tends to suit my skin tone better as it seems to warm my complexion a bit. I feel like a small-medium stud is perfect for an effortless, easy, and even timeless look. My favorites of late have been these two pairs below.

gold earrings

The smaller pair is gold plated and the larger pair is gold-filled. The saleslady when I bought the larger pair insisted that it would wear longer and therefore justified its (much) higher price tag. Some people may see a difference in wear, perhaps if you wear your jewelry in the shower, but I have had both of these pieces for almost two years and they both have faired well. The larger pair is about 1/3 of an inch across and the smaller pair measures about 1/4 of an inch in diameter (almost too small, but not quite).

They both offer that laid-back but sophisticated vibe that I am (again, probably unsuccessfully) trying to obtain.

These have been my jewelry loves lately, what are yours?

Stay cozy!



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