My Son is a Chef Now!


This was too cute not to share.

I have loved food forever. Cooking and coming up with new food ideas or twists on older recipes has always been a great hobby and creative outlet for me. My preschool-aged son has observed this and has always enjoyed getting to help in the kitchen when he can.

Then I started blogging and my son has been watching me take pictures of our food right before dinner and talk about lighting and composition. At first perplexed, I’m sure, he’s watched me turn plates to their most aesthetically pleasing angle, move curtains and blinds to allow more natural light in, and take pictures from several different viewpoints until I get the right shot.

Now my son’s in on it, too.

After creating his own “blueberry parfait” and “greens and feta scramble” (mommy did the cooking part of course) he asked that I photograph them and include them here. How could I resist?

The blueberry parfait is (of course) yogurt and blueberries, artfully incorporated by my son. Then there is the greens and feta scramble…I asked him if he wanted me to add the feta after the scramble was cooked, but he insisted I added it while it was cooking. It actually turned out to be quite tasty this way! My son appears to have a talent for this…

I love that he is enjoying being involved in cooking and food preparation. I notice that he tends to be really excited about eating what he has helped prepare, and as long as the ingredients are (mostly) healthy, I’m willing to let him experiment. It’s so fun and exciting to watch him become interested in new things. He’s also very professional about it,  “mommy, don’t forget to adjust the lighting and make it look nice.”

Chef in the making? Maybe, but for now it’s nice to share one of my passions with one of my greatest blessings.

Wishing warm and fuzzy to everyone. Stay cozy!


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