My Favorite Concealer

I have tried a lot of concealers in my life. I seem to have developed perma-circles after decades of chasing the almighty degree/job/promotion. Having a child probably added to the sunken blue half moons that usually make their home under my eyes as well. And so, over my life I have probably tried and tested about 20 different concealers.

Lately, this is the one I have liked the most. My skin has changed a lot from the skin I had in my teens and twenties, and so my concealer of choice has had to change with it. In the last several years the quality that has become most important to me is to not excessively dry (or make appear dry) my under-eye area. Something that doesn’t gather to badly in the well-deserved crevices on my face is nice too.

concealer 2

The Maybelline Superstay Better Skin concealer in ivory has been my jam of late.

This concealer blends easily with fingers or a brush and doesn’t make my eyes look older or more crepey than they already are. It’s not oily or greasy either, and is probably one of the most natural looking concealers that I have ever used. This is one concealer that would work for any skin type, in my opinion.

I also happen to have mild, but persistent acne (when will I ever grow out of it?). I don’t have a lot of spots, but they can be quite noticeable. This concealer does a fair job of making them look less apparent. It is not a thick concealer though, so I would not categorize it as full coverage. For me, just blending the spots away a bit so people will look at my eyes and not immediately be drawn to the spots on my chin is enough.

I have repurchased this concealer at least three times since it was released and have been loving it.

This is the first in a series of my favorite makeup items from my 5 Minute Makeup post.

Hope this is helpful. Thanks for stopping by, and stay cozy.