CeraVe PM Review

To say that I have a temperamental face may be a bit of an understatement. My face can go from dry and crepey in the winter to pinguid and shiny in the summer. Then there are the many states in between. I am also nearing that stage in life where I am fighting both wrinkles and acne (when will it END?). Having said that however, I find that acne now can be a cagey beast; a moisturizer that is too rich can cause pimples, but a moisturizer that allows my skin to become parched and papery can also precede a breakout.

I started using CeraVe PM facial moisturizing lotion as my evening moisturizer several years ago after doing a lot of research regarding skin products and temperamental skin. It contains a lot of good ingredients, including ceramides and hyaluronic acid which I tend to look for. It is not really a treatment product in the sense that it is not targeted to treat either wrinkles or acne; it’s just a good basic moisturizer for times when the skin is volatile, or on nights in between treatment products.

Cerave PM

I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t overly impressed by this product, but I think after many years of using it, I have finally figured out why.

This moisturizer, while containing numerous superb ingredients, is not moisturizing enough for my skin in certain situations. In really arid climates, or in the winter months, my face can still feel dry and a bit sore in the morning after using this lotion.

Where this product really shines for me though, is in the summer. In the summertime it is too easy for almost any other moisturizer to break me out. This one, however, seems to deliver just the right dose of moisture in the heat and humidity that can abound this time of year. Because it is not fragranced I can also use it around my eyes (a boon for any prospective minimalist), and when I do, I notice no new formations of milia around my eyes (which can be a problem when I use richer lotions).

In summary, I am quite fond of this moisturizer for the summer months due to the excellent ingredients and its performance in the warmth. While it doesn’t work for me, personally, in the winter months, it may be quite remarkable for someone who already retains a lot moisture in their skin.

What’s your favorite nighttime moisturizer? Does it work for you all year round?

Stay cozy!

My Favorite All Purpose Body Lotion

In the mornings especially, I am a woman of simplicity and efficiency. I have a handful of products that I use almost every morning and that I have been faithful to for years. I tend to prefer multi use products as I cannot bear an overly cluttered counter first thing in the morning. So I very much appreciate a lotion that I can use for both my hands and my body. Enter Curél lotion.


curel 2

(Please pardon my dusty window sill.)

Like with most body and beauty products, I am insanely picky about body lotion. I cannot handle stickiness, greasiness, or sliminess. I also prefer to have something unscented so that it doesn’t clash with any body sprays or perfumes that I happen to be wearing. And because a cluttered bathroom counter can make my mornings seem so much more disorganized, I like a body lotion that can also double as a hand lotion.

I don’t have extremely dry skin, but it is pretty dry. I use body lotion quite often (except for when outside temperatures rise above 90 degrees). And I use hand lotion all the time! Although I prefer the unscented version, the scent of the regular version doesn’t bother me so I keep a bottle of that downstairs and another at work. I find that when my hands get dry they feel very uncomfortable, like the skin is thinner, and I lose the ability to grip sheets of paper effectively (weird, right? but true for me, anyway).

This lotion has been my favorite for almost 5 years now. It effectively moisturizes, but does not wear cloyingly on the body or hands. I honestly cannot tell you how many bottles I have purchased. It is a staple for me and I would be hard pressed to find a replacement!

What kind of lotion(s) do you use? What are your favorites?

Stay cozy!