My Favorite SPF Ever!

Ok, I apologize for gushing about something so TOPICAL, but this stuff is really great.


Ever since I severely sunburned the skin on my face in my teens (blisters, scabs, general horror) I have worn sunscreen. Daily. Period.

Now, as I’ve entered and nearly left my third decade, I have found that my skin has become increasingly sensitive to various known and mystery chemicals. Years ago, I started searching in earnest for a sunscreen that my skin could tolerate without rashes, bumps, or any kind of dermatological trauma. In my hunt I found many natural brands (and a few drugstore brands) that rely on mineral sunscreens in combination with some chemical sunscreens. Certain chemical sunscreens seem to irritate my skin, cause increased oil production on my face, and break me out. No fun.

This one by Kiss My Face is my favorite, and I have used it for nearly a decade now. There is no sunscreen smell, no odor at all really, and it feels super comfortable on my skin. It is a happy amalgamate of non-greasy and yet moisturizing. It does not claim to be a primer, though it does work as one with many (though not all) foundations. It does not erase pores by any means, but the gigantic holes in my face (I exaggerate) do appear slightly softer when I wear this sunscreen.

My skin has a bit of an attitude and can be bone-dry in winter and frying pan-greasy in the summer; this is the single sunscreen that works for me in all seasons (though I concede it would probably be far too greasy for those with permanently oily skin types). It doesn’t appear to clog pores or cause acne, which I attribute to the generally skin-friendly ingredient list.

I am not a dermatologist or aesthetician, and I certainly can’t say whom this would absolutely work for, but this is one I really like (after experimenting with MANY). If you are looking to try a new SPF I very much recommend this one!

Stay cozy!