Tuesday Thoughts: To Makeup or Not to Makeup?

5 minute face makeup

As I sit here with my coffee and one of my favorite YouTube channels blaring in the background, I shop through some online makeup shops while simultaneously checking for blog reviews. After an hour or so of this (having filled my Nordstrom’s cart to over $200), I pause to think about how much I will actually use these products.

Do I love eyeshadow? Absolutely!

Will I actually wear it? To be honest, most mornings are consumed by coffee and making myself look vaguely presentable for work. Of course, I do usually wear makeup, but only two or three products, and nothing that would require wielding a brush in any kind of precise manner (although my reliance upon concealer borders on addiction).

It feels weird to state that makeup fills any sort of utilitarian purpose in my life, that idea makes my life seem so trivial. However, having said that, the manner in which I actually use makeup IS quite utilitarian.

Am I trying to be artistic or relax myself every morning, hunched over my makeup mirror, attempting to apply products in a pleasing, yet mostly undetectable manner? No, I’m just trying not to look too sick or tired to work. That’s the truth of it, no matter how I attempt to delude myself.

Which brings me to the next logical questions…Am I uncomfortable with how I look? Am I not able to accept myself as I am? Why is that?

It’s true that over the course of history both men and women have worn makeup for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, status, class, culture, etc. The practice of painting our faces is in no way anything new. However, in this day and age of barefaced models posting selfies on Instagram and everywhere else, one would think that going “un-made” might be more the norm.

The thing that perplexes me the most is that while I desperately want to accept my face as it is and bear it to the world, I am also concerned about the perception it gives. Wearing makeup does give me confidence (by helping me not look dead), and yet it simultaneously saddens me that I can’t allow myself to go to work without it.

It seems like such a *ahem* superficial thing, but my internal conflict about the status of my makeup dependence can get rather deep at times.

There are so many folks I see everyday with beautiful faces, made up and not. I often wonder to myself why or why don’t they wear makeup. It’s one of those questions I wish I could pose to the masses.

Hey, maybe that’s what Twitter is for…

I’d love to hear from you about what your feelings are about wearing makeup; stay cozy!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: To Makeup or Not to Makeup?

  1. I feel the same as you. I don’t mind putting on a teeny bit of make up each morning. It doesn’t take long and it does make me look less tired/sick. I’ve noticed that if I ever stop wearing it, people will ask if I am okay or if I’m feeling poorly. 😦

    It is sad that people are so used to seeing women with make up that they think we look ill without it.

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  2. I only wear makeup a few days out of the week. I own way more makeup than I should. I love just looking at the beautiful pallets and lipsticks and swatching them. I like having so much because I have everything I need to do every type of look. Being a college student I know I should be saving my money to pay back student loans, but I cant help myself from buying even more products. This is a great post!

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    • Thanks! I totally get it. I’ll decline to say how much I’ve actually spent on luxury AND drugstore makeup, but I fear it’s rather significant. I like waiting a few days now when I feel I need to purchase something, it helps me resist (especially when I know I’ll probably never stray from my three product regimen). Still, the temptation is real! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I wear makeup most days but only some concealer, powder and mascara. I dread to think how much money I have spent on makeup I don’t use that often haha. This was a lovely post!!

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