The Cozy and Sage Shop

woman shopping

Courtesy of Pixabay

Cozy and Sage has launched a new shop! In it you will find links to our favorite products, as well as links to reviews if we have done one. Only items that we (my family and I) absolutely love will be listed and the list will grow on a monthly basis.

Be aware that the sales links are usually affiliate links and will provide Cozy and Sage with a small commission for each purchase. Proceeds will go towards supporting Cozy and Sage’s web presence and administration fees (i.e. hosting).

Please do not feel pressured to purchase anything from our shop. I just wanted to let people know it was there, in case they were curious.

I am ever so grateful for all the support and encouragement I have had from friends and fellow bloggers in my blogging journey! I am honored that you folks have stopped by to read and engage!

Best wishes to all; stay cozy!


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