My Guide to The 5 Minute Face

make up back picture

I won’t go into all of the gory details, but I’m pretty busy. Not necessarily because I want to be or because I am in anyway important or special, I’m just very busy. But then, I think most of us are these days…

I’m not a makeup artist, but after a couple of decades playing with makeup on myself and others, these are the tricks I’ve learned to create a (literally) “5 minute face” for myself.

My Essentials

Concealer: I look very, very sick without it. Like, hospital sick.

Blush: My absolute favorite make up item! Cannot live without this. I feel like this adds to the vital vibe that I’m going for (not always achieved, but going for).

Lip balm/Lip gloss: Healthy, non-chapped lips, my heaven! (Lipstick for special occasions, like a day off.)

Eyelash Curler: I know that they look like torture devices of the medieval era, but trust me, curled lashes mean that I can go without mascara most days (read: no flakes, no smudges, no stinging eye makeup remover).

Eyebrow Brush: I don’t personally like gels or pencils, mostly because I’m so clumsy that I usually end up with a mustache, but I can usually handle a quick brush-up.

I hope you enjoyed a peak at my pared-down make up routine! I will do a short series on my current favorite products soon. Was this helpful? What do you do differently?


10 thoughts on “My Guide to The 5 Minute Face

    • Lol! Loved your comment! I like my routine just because it’s easy and fast and I don’t look sick, but sometimes I think the situation calls for the movie star sci-fi look! You go, girl!

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